How Our Software Works

Internet of Things (IoT) Sensor

An IoT device is mounted permanently on the bridge or other asset. This contains accelerometers to collect, unique signature data specific to each individual bridge. No cable runs are necessary – solar powered, self-contained and wireless.

Complex Time Series

  • The sensor data forms complex time series, capturing variations over time.
  • The raw data is stored in the Cloud, permanently.

Vibration Data Analysis

A self-learning Deep Neural Network is produced by our algorithm. It learns patterns, detects anomalies, and predicts potential risks based on signature, historical data.

User Interface (UI)

The DNN output to a simple UI, that is configured to capture the meaning of the output.

  • Red: Collapse risk > 80%

  • Yellow: Collapse risk > 30%

  • Green: Collapse risk < 20%

If the light is RED or YELLOW, there’s a potential issue that may be present that requires attention.

Remember that this is a very high-level overview, so the actual implementation may involve additional components and complexities. If you need further details or have specific requirements, feel free to ask!

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